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POS Printer
SOPPOS SS659K- Kitchen Printer with Big Voice & Led light
$ 150.00

Kitchen Function

Professional Kitchen Printer equipped with Flash LED Light and Big Voice alarm, which remind the cooker very well. You can ask printer alam in 5s/10s/15s/20s and how long beeper last, Eg: 2-s/30s/40s.

Wall Hanging

SS659K equipped with hanging function, no need  install it by skew knife.

High Reliability 

Origin Japan auto cutter is processed by solid-chromium plating treatment, the paper end sensor has a paper dust proof structure.

High Functionality

SS659K is designed for high performance, you can monitor all printers status from different gateway, you can monitor out of paper, printer error, cutter error in time it's simple to renamed every printer. is easy change printer IP, Gateway, Update firware by humanized tool 


  1. Printing Mothod : Direct Thermal
  2. Print spped : 260mm/s
  3. Resolution : 576dots/line or 572dots/line
  4. Printing Width : 72mm
  5. Paper Separator : 48mm/52mm/56mm/64mm/68mm/76mm/80mm

Kitchen Function

  1. Power, Paper , Error : Support
  2. LED Light With Beeper : Support
  3. Hanging Device : Equipped


  1. Input Buffer : 256kbytes
  2. NV Flash : 256kbytes


  1. Font A : 12x24
  2. Font B : 9x17
  3. Chinese : GB18030, BiG5 24x24dots
  4. Japanese : Support
  5. User-defined : Support


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